I'm a personal assistant just not a paid one... and other ramblings...

I never really realized it until today, but I am my husband's personal assistant. If someone needs a call whether it be a family member (and I mean of his family) or the electric company, a gift to be bought for an occasion, a letter/email to be written and mailed, the handling of email replies to HIS ad on craigslist,  or the research of something of interest it's Me doing it. If we are to travel I get the directions or book the flight. When we go grocery shopping I take inventory of what we have and don't have and make the list. Going to pay bills in person or online- me. Wow, is this just my wifely duties or am I in training for a position I never really thought of applying for? Since I've been looking for a job (forever it seems) I see ads for personal assistant all the time, but  it has never crossed my mind to take interest in those ads, maybe I've been selling myself short, maybe I just broadened my horizion of prospective jobs, I'll let you know.
On another note not so far away money is tight, I mean really tight, like in another month no internet, no power, no roof over our heads tight. I REALLY need to find a job. My husband has applyed for disability, long term now which if he gets it (fingers crossed) could take months to happen. And I'm not ungrateful for what he gets right now from short term disability, but really people the two checks he gets a month doesn't even cover the rent on our one bedroom apartment. Everyone keeps telling me go apply at fast food places or the super market, I swallowed my pride, times are hard -they told me I am over qualified- I guess this is a bad thing considering I'm not telling you about my new job at Burger King or where ever. What is a person to do? We've been selling anything we have of worth (which to be honest isn't much, I don't exactly have designer clothes up for auction on ebay or jewels to take to the pawn shop), and nothing makes you feel lower than parting with your belongings let me tell you. Sometimes I feel like I'm a failure, or that I must be doing something wrong and just can't figure it out. We're both feeling pretty scared and pretty low. I know we're not the only ones going through a hard time and there are those that have it worse, but this is just my sob story or rant just to get it out. Thanks for listening or reading as it be and feel free to let me know about your hard time because unfortunately we all know when we hear about someone who has it worse we feel just a little more grateful for what we have, sad but true.

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