The slow creep of insanity..

You ever watch the movie Hellraiser? Remember the part with the guy in the cage who is shaving off his own skin with a blade because he thinks he's covered in bugs? I feel like another month and I might just be there. For the last month we have had an influx of bugs in our house. And I mean bugs of all varieties- moths, beattles, stink bugs, spiders, silverfish, and flies. My house is clean, they tore down the old siding on the house to put up new, and everyone keeps telling me that's what it's from, but come on! They stopped with that about two weeks ago and I am still meeting new creepy friends everyday. I am a bugaphobe, I see one and for the next hour I have the creepy crawly feeling all over, so seeing them on a regular basis has me looking like I'm on a bad acid trip. I can't sleep because over the last week twice a fly (gnat) has flown up my nose and I constantly feel like something is crawling on me. I bought some indoor/outdoor pesticide which will be promptly used tomorrow morning. I hope it is the answer. Even as I write this I keep rubbing my arms or swearing I see something out of the corner of my eye. This has to end otherwise Mayfield here I come!

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