Can I get a little help around here???

My husband was definitely not born with the nesting instinct, when we met his kitchen was not a place to eat, but rather a workshop with wall to wall tools and no table or chairs. Of course this was all quickly remedied once I moved in, and he has been slightly domesticated. But I hate when I spend a whole day cleaning this place from top to bottom only to find it already getting messy the very next day! I don't cook, but I lucked out because he does, but does it take every pot, dish, bowl, and utensil we have to make one dinner? If your drink spills a little on the table is it really that hard to get a paper towel and wipe it up instead of waiting for it to air dry on to the table? When you make iced tea and mix spills onto the table can you wipe it up rather than pushing it onto the floor? (I saw an ant yesterday) And don't get me started on the stove after he makes even something as simple as mac and cheese. I hate feeling like a nag, but it drives me crazy! I really don't think I would have to be a nag if he just listened and did a few simple things, therefore taking the repeating of tasks (nagging) out of the equation. I'm not a neat freak or OCD about cleaning by any means, but I'm not his mother pick up after yourself at least a little. Funnier is when it's his turn to clean, things don't get cleaned rather than get made to look clean, until you lift up a vase or the toaster and see the dust and crumbs from not wiping under them. I won't even let him touch the dishes anymore, because there's always food residue left in them, which believe me has made having a dishwasher a prerequisite for our next apartment. I think I understand why some men, not all need to have a woman or rather why we seem to balance things out or maybe in some relationships it's reversed, but I understand how small things like this can turn into huge arguments, it's pent up from having to constantly do it yourself. Can I get a little help, please?

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