Better late than never..it could be worse, I think???

Well I haven't blogged in a little bit and the reasoning is a lot was going on, but now I get to fill you in.  Where to start, I'm trying to remember which bit of hell happened first, oh okay,  first my computer totally crashed, and I was without a computer for a day and then had to spend another couple of days revamping my system since it was brought back to what it was like when I first purchased it (3 years ago), so I had to reinstall my virus software, put some of my chronically used files back on, delete all the crap I don't use resetup my Internet, etc.  Sooooo not fun. Then I got into a fender bender (the words car accident seem harsh for what happened). I was leaving a store on a one way two lane street that has parking on either side, I was driving straight in the left lane when someone who coming out of one space on the far right wanted to come straight across the road to grab a spot on the far left and just slammed into me. Nice.  So my passenger side has a dent behind the the front wheel accompanied by deep embedded scratches that go down the whole length of the car. Good news and grateful news is that I was not harmed or hurt in any manner, nor the other driver. Then you know all the garbage that goes along with that calling the insurance company, trying to get an estimate for damage, blah, blah, blah. So that night after the accident I went to a barbecue and proceeded to get drunk (I don't drink often and I thought I deserved it after the day I had), and I succeeded, but while I was all numb and giggly, I neglected to notice the mosquitos that were feasting on my feet and ankles. This wouldn't be such a bad thing for most, but I have a reaction to mosquito bites that causes them to look more like huge welts and swell, so with the numerous bites, besides the incessant itching that made my feet and ankles feel like they were on fire for days I also looked like I had cankles, I couldn't see the bones in my ankles for 3 days and wearing any type of shoes was just torturous. Fun. Oh but wait I'm not finished. As previously posted we have had a problem with bugs in my apartment, particularly moths, flies, beetles, and silverfish, well the spray you buy so you can do it yourself had not worked and we were seeing bugs everyday, and after weeks of this (being a person who hates/fears bugs with a passion) I was starting to go a little crazy. Literally. After persistent bitching at my husband to speak to the landlord about getting an exterminator, my last straw was finding beetles on my bed for the third time. Now before I go on, let me give you a small bit of back story/ venting. My husband has a thing for reptiles and such, and even though I have been very good about letting this stuff in the house even though it kinda creeps me out, it has been fine, until he made a tank with live plants, which created a small I guess you'd call them a fruit fly population. These flies are attracted to the air you breathe out so we have the initial bug problem and them to add insult to injury I have flies flying up my nose from this tank he created. So when I found a beetle on my bed for the third time, (and after jumping out of my skin 20 times a day for weeks) I had had it. I left my home and went to stay with my family. My husband went to the landlord the next day to ask for an exterminator, and he took down the tank that was causing the flies (while doing this he found the fly nest and was surprised to learn how many their actually were, I told you so dear). Funny enough, the landlord and the woman in the apartment downstairs were also having a problem with the same bugs so they were all too happy to get an exterminator. It took a week and a half after getting estimates for different pest companies and finding ones that were pet friendly, the other tenant has a dog, but they came to spray and do whatever they do to rid the pests on Friday and I have now moved back into my (I'm happy to say) pest free home. So it's been eventful, just wish they were more happy events, but hey it could be worse right? I just keep reminding myself of that. It could definitely be worse.

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